About Us

Living Theories.

Living Theories was set up to create a brand new perspective on how we learn, and why we continue learning every day. We needed to create experiences that could engage, enthrall and enhance an individual’s growth, and create enough impact to galvanise action from thought.

We began by designing Dreamcatcher, our debut programme on using Role-Playing Games to teach youths about career awareness and planning. We then developed our corporate programme, Pathways, which guided teams in understanding their WHY, their core drive for the organization. Now, we work with our clients to design engagement strategies and run training programmes on gamification.

Our journey in Living Theories follows that of a game designer: we constantly ‘patch’ and evolve our services, taking feedback very seriously, and growing our skill sets daily. We constantly get stronger, because we never stop learning.

Game on!

Our Why: We are driven to shaping the world/changing paradigms through the power of games.

Our What: We work hand in hand with our clients, to push boundaries through innovation and value creation, and to design creative game solutions and gamified learning experiences.

Our How: We achieve this by building a team, focused on rigorous research, innovative design and effective execution.


Meet The Team.

Yeo Xi-Wei Director
Xi-Wei has been involved in Training and Development for more than 7 years, and has finally figured out a way to make his love for games and creativity a way of life. His primary job in Living Theories is to take care of his minions, who slave away to deliver quality and value to our clients.

Isa Foong Creative Director
Isa leads the creative and programme design team at Living Theories. He enjoys the challenge of bringing the appeal of games into real world scenarios, helping clients to understand games and gamification as effective mediums to communicate and engage.

John Ang Business Development
John has been working in a business development role for over 5 years. He specializes in corporate strategy and growth initiatives. He used to be an investment banker in his previous life, but has since turned over a new leaf.

Ryan Chan Design & Development
Ryan is part of the design and development team, and manages the tech wing of Living Theories. He merges his love for games, computers, music and art to help ideas come to life, and to create solutions for problems that get thrown at him.