brothers and minimalism

Brothers and Minimalism

What makes a marketing campaign effective? Or a HR workshop? Or a tutorial on new software? There are many ways, but the succinct answer is that it gets people to pay attention to what you want them to focus on. In today’s featured game, we’ll be showing you one of the ways to better understand drawing focus to a desired point. 

This is Brothers: A tale of two sons.

tale of two sons

In the game, you play as two brothers on a journey to find a magical herb that will cure their dying father.  One of the first things you’ll notice about the gameplay is that it contains none of the traditional elements of a modern game – there are no lifebars, no text and no complicated mechanics. Even what little dialogue there is in the game is reduced to a garble in a non-existent language. Yet, the lack of detail allows the player to focus on two things – the stunning visuals and the relationship between the titular siblings. 

The world is a large place, and it can get very easy to become distracted by the periphery. By stripping out all the unnecessary detail, you can then get yourselves, and more importantly, others to experience the core features of anything you’re trying to introduce, be it a new engagement program, claims system or marketing initiative.