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At Living Theories, we focus on enhancing people motivation and interactivity through Gamification strategies and experiences.

Our team has worked with over 30 different organizations to design new and cutting-edge experiences that engage, challenge, and inspire, all with the goal of transforming our audiences into players


What is Gamification?

Games are a timeless representation of our drive for motivation and achievement.

Gamification is the merging of the science of game development and player psychology, with the art of human engagement and interaction.

We use game mechanics, theories and strategies to enhance the way you engage people.

We work with you to transform your audiences into players.

How can I apply Gamification?

“To know games is to take a journey into humanity’s curiosity, creativity and imagination in pushing the boundaries of what can be.”

Our Process

Here at Living Theories…

At Living Theories, we help you

Our Partners in Progress

We’re privileged to have worked with over 30 different organizations, from schools and educational institutions, to government agencies and international corporations.

Here are some of the clients that have engaged us:




Our Work

We work with our clients to design unique solutions to their engagement needs.

Here are some of the projects that we’ve worked on…

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