Central Provident Fund Board

 Gamifying Retirement Planning


Develop a gamified workshop to instill confidence in Grassroot Leaders to communicate CPF concepts and address common misconceptions with their residents.


A key component of the workshop is the use of the ‘Journeys’ board game. The game allows players to play through 4 stages of life. Throughout the game, they are encouraged to balance between spending on Life Experiences and saving for their Retirement.

The game ends off with a series of facilitated questions that allows players to share their decision-making process with one another, and to evaluate if their character had lived a meaningful life.

After the game is complete, the workshop facilitator makes reference to the gameplay mechanics to elaborate on key CPF concepts, so that Grassroot Leaders have better learning outcomes and knowledge retention.

Game Phases

Step 1:
Players pick their characters with different personality traits

Step 2:
Players go through 4 stages of life

Step 3:
Players reach retirement phase and go through 6 retirement events

Step 4: 
End of game, players go through a facilitated debrief – Did you live a meaningful life?

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