Enhancing Curriculum Through Gamification

Newtonian Neverland, Singapore Institute of Technology, Digipen


The SIT Physics department engaged Living Theories to gamify their physical lab sessions by incorporating elements including video introduction, experimental challenges, and a trivia competition.


The Living Theories team worked collaboratively with the SIT team to design an engagement solution to help increase student engagement, motivation and learning outcomes. 

As the lab sessions have a fixed syllabus method of delivery due to existing hardware and software infrastructure, we created gamification elements AROUND the lab sessions.

The 3 main components of the design are: 

Creating an Overall Narrative – We associated each lab topic to an amusement park ride

Info Capsule – Includes info-bites about the associated park ride, and some side quests for students

Post-Lab Engagement – Added assignment questions related to the associated park rides


By wrapping gamification elements around the lab sessions, we helped to add context to the students’ learning, which aids students in the knowledge retention and helps students to see the relevance of their lab sessions to their overall learning.  The Living Theories observed 2 sessions of the gamified lab sessions in early 2024. We noted that it was well received by the 160 students.

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