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 Gamifying Museum Based Learning

National Gallery Singapore


Creating an immersive and engaging experience for Art Appreciation was one of the priorities of the National Gallery Singapore, and they engaged us to develop a gamified experience for their Museum-Based Learning Programme.


We developed a gamified experience titled “Secrets of the Gallery”, where participants played as agents tasked with collecting sensitive information within the Gallery.

The team folded Gallery rules and etiquettes into the Game (“Do not touch the paintings or the sensors will trigger and you’ll all be immobilized!”) and created environments for participants to express their thoughts on the art pieces.

The team was subsequently tasked to develop a version of this game for the Gallery senior management team to experience as well.

Game Points

Exhibition and Display spaces can be gamified to exponentially increase user engagement with the exhibits. With curated game mechanics, visitors can be encouraged to take down more notes, express emotions and explore different perspectives.

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