Redesigning Wargaming Simulators

Project Hunter, Government Agency


We were tasked to create a skirmish simulator utilising open source information that allows trainees to run immersive and realistic wargame scenarios with one another. 


The team created a browser-based solution that allowed multiplayer synchronous gameplay. The features we created in the game include: 

  • Robust user management system (assigning different roles and teams)
  • Dynamic sandbox mode with scenario-building functions to help instructors to craft custom scenarios, and to preset game state
  • Integration of sophisticated rulesets and managing their interactions with one another to accurately simulate combat, light of sight rules, aircraft launch and ammo preparations 
  • In-built chat function and whiteboard tools
  • Trainer tools for instructors to keep the play experience dynamic and unpredictable

The simulator offers engaging and strategic multiplayer experience to trainees while serving as an invaluable training tool for instructors to craft their own training scenarios.


The Living Theories team helped to facilitate a 40-man workshop utilising the game, and received positive feedback on the potential of the game to be scaled.

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