Content and Design Lead (Consultant)

Jedi is responsible for developing game experiences and products for Living Theories, and manages our creative content and design.

Jedidiah Siah is the Founder of AlterCulture Studios, a Singapore-based company focused on game development consultation, education, and promoting the usage of games across non-gaming industries. Jedidiah is also a Co-founder of the Sagakaya Collective, a ground-up initiative that aims to encourage the development of Singapore-based art games.

Jedidiah loves watching hour-long video essays on film analysis and modern philosophy, singing and dancing to his favorite K-pop group “New Jeans”, playing his cello (which is named “Kenneth”), and debating with his friends on whether they had wasted their time watching the latest episode of “Rupaul’s Drag Race” – but only to watch it the following week anyway. Some of his favourite games include The Beginner’s Guide, Hades, and Vampire Survivors.

Jedidiah is an Associate Trainer at Civil Service College (Singapore) for Game Design. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Game Design from DigiPen (Singapore Institute of Technology).