Project Management and Community Lead (Consultant)

Wai Hong is responsible for managing stakeholders and resources during project lifecycles, and works on cultivating different communities of interest and partnership around Living Theories. As the team’s Community lead, he spends his time growing a band of Gamification devotees, ready to enhance engagement in their own organizations.

Having been in the civil service in Ministry of Social and Family Development for 5 years, Wai Hong has extensive know-how and networks to facilitate relationship-building and fostering communities. His previous experience in Organizational Development (OD) while in Care Corner Singapore also allows him to develop and execute change management strategies.

In his free time, Wai Hong plays the drums, aquascapes and takes care of his 2 little children, Jadon and Macy.

Wai Hong graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from the National University of Singapore and is currently an adjunct lecturer in the university teaching Social Policy and Planning. He is also a growth specialist in a local tech start-up, responsible for driving engagement and forming online communities.