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Your Key to Unlocking Engagement.

Gamification is the process of utilising game features, theories and design to engage human behaviours. Numerous organizations have used gamification processes to effectively transform the way they interact with people, from driving innovation within their own staff teams, to promoting a stronger consumer connections.

At Living Theories, we focus on enhancing people motivation and interactivity through the curated use of gamified experiences and features. We've worked with over 30 different organizations to design new and cutting-edge experiences that engage, challenge, and inspire.

Enhance Your Processes

Many companies face mounting challenges in creating processes that keep their employees engaged, motivated and loyal. We'll work with you to design unique solutions that help drive your employees to the next level. Consult with us to enhance:

  • 1. Feedback and Innovation Programmes
  • 2. Training and Skills Development
  • 3. Culture-Building and Company Growth Campaigns
  • 4. Orientation and Onboarding Programmes
  • 5. Recruitment and Interview Experiences

Design New Experiences

Creating new and modern experiences are the key to retaining the attention and engagement of staff and consumers alike. We'll work with you to help craft innovative gamified concepts that engage, enthrall and excite your audiences. Collaborate with us to build:

  • 1. Roadshows and Exhibitions
  • 2. Programme or Product Launch Campaigns
  • 3. Enhancing Membership or Loyalty Programmes

Craft Gameplay

Building games requires a great deal of thought, finesse and design. From board games and card games to physical gameplay experiences, our team will help you conceptualize, build, playtest and roll out your very own games. We'll work with you to create your own:

  • 1. Board Games
  • 2. Card Games
  • 3. Scenario-Based Facilitation Games

Game on!

Unique Team-Building Experiences

Nothing bonds a team more than a new adventure, one that's fun, refreshing and original. We've designed a suite of different team-building programmes to help you explore your personal and work dynamics, in experiences unlike any other!


Our signature programme sets your team on a unique table-top role playing adventure, where you create your own characters and explore an adventure with our seasoned game masters!

This programme helps teams:
  • 1. Understand WHY you do what you do
  • 2. Discover HOW you can collaborate and work together
  • 3. Identify WHAT type of team you want to be

The Game Plate

If you're tired of the standard facilitator-led activities, why don't you create your own? Our trainers will teach you how to create your own scenarios and games, and run it with your teammates. We don't create your experience, YOU do.

This programme helps teams:
  • 1. Learn to be creative
  • 2. Use game mechanics to enhance experiences
  • 3. Learn to facilitate and manage activies

Games for All


Games have the power to excite, engage and enthrall audiences the world over. Through a careful selection of the right game experiences, we allow you to spend a day having a great time with your colleagues, and learn more about each other in the process!

Engage each other with a variety of unique card and board games that are sure to leave you wanting a set of your own!

Our selection of games will help your teams understand:
  • 1. Teamwork and Collaboration
  • 2. Effective Communication
  • 3. Adaptability and Flexibility

Expand your mind

Gamification is a core way of developing people. We offer a series of courses that will allow you to understand and employ Gamification strategies in enhancing your own Processes, Experiences or in creating a unique Game.

Gaming The System


Gamification isn’t about making games, it’s about understanding and creating engagement systems that enhance the way you interact with your audiences.

We help you break down gamification mechanics and principles, and guide you in applying it into practical engagement processes.

  • 1. Understand the fundamentals of gamification principles
  • 2. Learn core game mechanics and strategies, including real-life case studies and exercises
  • 3. Ideate new engagement solutions for specific organisational processes or functions



Facilitation skills and interpersonal communication, together with the reactive ability to adapt to different audiences, are critical 21st Century competencies that every high performer needs in their arsenal.

WEAVER focuses on these critical skills through the lens of being a Game Master, demonstrating them in storytelling, people management and scenario-based exercises.

WEAVER is useful for:
  • 1. Managing team dynamics and discussion management
  • 2. Learning key facilitation skills and functions
  • 3. Creating growth-minded environments for sharing and discussion

Engage us to engage you

Gamification is one of the most modern drivers of innovation and user engagement motivation. Engage us to speak at your Lunchtime Sessions, Events and Conferences.

In our speaking engagements, we’ll share more about:

  • - Using Gamification to create the right types of motivations in users
  • - Real World Gamification: Practical Case Studies and Global Examples
  • - Employing Gamification strategies to maximise the potential of your people

As one of the regional thought leaders in Gamification, we are privileged to have been invited to speak at various events and conferences.

  • + MDIS: Getting Ready for Digital Transformation (2017)
    Gamification: Raising Your Game in the Digital World

  • + Lifelong Learning Festival (2017)
    Gamification: Mastering the Rules of Engagement

  • + ARiMi Risk Innovation Forum (2018)
    Panellist on “Developing Risk Aware and Ethical Leaders and Managers”

  • + Adult Learning Symposium (2018)
    The Game Plan: Using Gamification Strategies to Engage Learners as Active Players

  • + Games Xchange Conference (2018)
    Gaming the System: Playing with Game Mechanics

  • + Essex-Kaplan Singapore Applied Learning & Teaching Conference (2019)
    Gamification Strategies in Adult Education."


We're privileged to have worked with over 30 different organizations, from schools and educational institutions, to government agencies and international corporations. Here are some of the clients that have engaged us: