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What is Gamification?

We believe that games are a timeless representation of our curiosity, sense of exploration, and desire to achieve. Gamification is the process of using game mechanics, theories and features to enhance non-game processes.

At Living Theories, we harness the power of gamification to transform the way you interact with people. Let us introduce you to how gamification can work for your business and your community today!

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The secret to unlocking the potential of our people is in engaging them as active players, not passive audiences.

From designing feedback initiatives to creating unique customer experiences, come and engage the future with us.


Training is an integral part of inculcating new mindsets, shifting perceptions, and progressing towards the future.

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Team-building retreats need to be fresh, exciting and impact-driven.

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Customised Gamification Solutions

The secret to unlocking the potential of our people is in engaging them as active players, not passive audiences. We work with you to design new and innovative solutions to engage, interact and understand your people better.

Gaming the System™:

A Primer to Gamification

Gamification isn’t about making games, it’s about understanding and creating engagement systems that enhance the way you interact with your audiences. Gaming the System™ breaks down gamification mechanics and principles for your team, and guides you in applying it into practical processes.

Gaming the System™ is available as a 1 or 2 day workshop.

Living Theories

    This Programme Covers:

  • History of Gamification & Insights into Popular Games today
  • Core Mechanics of Gamification
  • Gameplay Research & Analysis
  • Practical Applications of Gamification into Workflow Processes

Living Theories

    This Programme Covers:

  • Starting with WHY: WHY do you do what you do?
  • Creating a united Team WHY: How do we move forward together?
  • Scenario-based Role Playing Game Experience
  • Customised Take-Home Card Decks


A Team-Building Retreat Like None Other

Our team retreats are carefully designed to celebrate the individuality of each team member, and to align everyone to a common goal.

Pathways™ focuses on helping teams identify their core drive and purpose through asking, “WHY?” Create your own characters, embark on a journey to discover your team Why, and work together to overcome a series of obstacles in a table-top scenario-based experience.

About Us

Living Theories was created to address a crucial need: How do we engage and motivate individuals meaningfully and effectively?

We focus on using game theories, principles and designs to help enhance the way you engage your people. We help you change the way you play the game.

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